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Tonia1 22 minutes ago

Karmel amd warlam are multiuploader and LeageOfLegends, from other profiles. Do something about this please

beardelicious 25 minutes ago

It's silly most of the time, funny sometimes and thoroughly entertaining all the time...a great light-hearted show with some clever and sometimes ridiculous scenarios, great cast rapport and one gorgeous leading lady - I love this show and am so happy it has continued as long as it has, I was sure it was one of those that i'd enjoy but would be cancelled due to sensationalised, overhyped critiques from viewers who need to lightne up. With so many dark,m serioud dramas out there, of which I am also a fan, this is a consistently light hearted show to watch and smile to. Long may it continue!

ArmyOps 2 hours ago

Its just perfect! I reccomend to watch it. havent felt like this when i first time started watching Flash or Arrow

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Popcorn 3 hours ago

The show is off to a good start. One good thing that can come from this show is to point out that those with autism are capable of wonderful things and many in real life are able to surprise you with their gifts. Just because someone is different is not a reason to shun them and treat them any different than the rest of those in the so called normal world.

warlam 6 hours ago

You did a good job TUNA! I hope you no longer accept new linker accounts because there are many !

surge13 10 hours ago

Multiuploader's openload links seem to be for an entirely different show Rellik

iamxen 12 hours ago

Admin TUNA oldboy3 s right ! BANN this boots multiuploader and LeageOfLegends !!!!!!!!!!!!!

oldboy3 13 hours ago

Admin,Tuna plyzz bann multiuploader and LeageOfLegends,they are BOT,every day, day and night spam,Temporarily do not accept a new linker, I think it would be a good idea

egriftinc 14 hours ago

egriftinc 14 hours ago

egriftinc 14 hours ago

Cutiepie 15 hours ago

The Mindy Project s06e03:

Cutiepie 15 hours ago

The Mindy Project s06e03

RaVeN666 16 hours ago

@polferis. yeah i thought about that. would have been plausible, if the same upload wasnt posted 6x by them... over 12 hours before the episode even aired on comedy central... thought it was leaked myself. its a troll. why even inbox over this @lastarcia? you said your first mistake, might have been able to play it off as accidental if you hadnt uploaded the same fake link 6x 12 hrs before the show even aired... you got our hopes up intentionally dude. its not the end of the world, just a dick move. please dont fuck with us like that. we get enough of that sorta shit from Roiland and Harmon as it is when it comes to hype. lets make the Rick n Morty fan community as close nit as the community community guys. lets work together here. we all love this show. lets make a rule now. no crap like this unless your actually leaking an episode.

Dekaprime 17 hours ago

4 words Watch The Orville Instead

silentsushix3 18 hours ago

It was actually fucking amazing. If you are a TRUE Star Trek fan you will love this. You will probably use proper English and grammar, unlike Locke.

Alexer 21 hours ago

Any semblance of character backstory realism destroyed with two simple words: "Ida Union", supposed ex-military, Agent Jones.

Tonia1 21 hours ago

Trek fans seem to have been priming themselves to hate this show for the best part of a year now, and the fact that the two-part premiere was genuinely excellent - far better than the last 4 films, Enterprise and Voyager - doesn't seem like it'll stop them. Strong script, pacing, production, characterization and concept, plus a realistic and complex look at how two societies can stumble into war; this is a show where actions have consequences. Finally the franchise is doing something bold and progressive for the prestige TV era, and attempting its most ambitious storytelling in two decades. Surely that's what fans want, isn't it? You'd think Trek lovers would be excited to have a new Trek series. But apparently not. It's clear to me that a significant proportion of the fandom wants comfort food. "Regressive listeners behave like children. Again and again, and with stubborn malice, they demand the one dish they have once been served. A sort of musical children's language is prepared for them: it differs from the real thing in that its vocabulary consists exclusively of fragments and distortions of the artistic language of music. [...] Regressive listening is always ready to degenerate into rage. The regressive listener would like to ridicule and destroy what yesterday they were intoxicated with [...]" - Adorno wrote this in 1938 about commercial jazz and its enthusiasts, but it applies equally well to fandoms generally, unfortunately including many professed Star Trek fans. You get a lot of people in fandoms who consume fetishistically - treating the object of their fandom not as a piece of drama, art or literature that's supposed to challenge, develop and break new ground, but as a comfort blanket of tropes - they just one that one reassuring staple served to them again and again. Fast food. This would seem to be why so many Trek fans are delighting in the critically-mauled Orville and its colorful brand of fast-food Star Trek while consistently attacking the well-received real thing (and believe me, Discovery is far more "the real thing" than the JJ Abrams movies or Enterprise). I don't think The Orville is terrible, but I do think that at present, there's unfortunately a greater appetite for its brand of lightweight, glitzily produced bros-in-space Trek than there is for a complex and tonally somber prequel featuring two non- white female leads. And that's a great pity; one that speaks to audience entitlement and a failure to treat Trek as what it is and what it was always supposed to be - drama. It only takes a quick look at some of the other reviews on here to see that this negative reception is not based the quality of the show's storytelling, but is either nitpicky in character (writing off the whole series because the Klingons have been redesigned, the ship's design/technology is wrong for the era, or even just the fact that Discovery is set in Trek's past and not its future) and/or has gendered and racial aspects, especially gendered. It's not automatically misogynist to criticise a Trek show with a female lead (Voyager was bad more often than it was good, and Janeway's characterization was highly inconsistent), but there has been a continuous strong undercurrent of misogyny (both dog-whistle and overt) in advance of and now in response to this excellent show. Everyone who thinks Discovery is decent and that it deserves a chance to thrive, whether Trek fans or general audiences new to the franchise, needs to support it, because otherwise we'll just be stuck with The Orville. Don't let the "fans" kill Discovery because they're too regressive in their consumption to recognize a creation of this quality - one that doesn't come around very often.

calvin a day ago

Splitfoot a day ago

Not sure why they've set it in the prime time line but made it look completely as if it's in the Kelvin time line . Would have made more sense to have it in the new movie universe.

Locke a day ago

what a giant piece of shit. if you a star trek fan fucking skip this crap

Dalejrfan001 a day ago

One of the greatest shows of all time. I am not a horror fan but the story line is what hooked me. Some of the best writing of all time

LoneWolf282 a day ago

So they made up a Klingon language. Boring to watch with no subtitles for the Klingon stuff, and there's a LOT of it.

lastarica a day ago

@polferis , thanks!!

A3R 2 days ago

Actually not bad in my opinion. The beginning half of the episode felt like we as an audience had no connection to the main character, but as it progressed it to the 2nd episode, it soon smoothed itself out. I will be looking forward to the next episodes.

polferis 2 days ago

It is ok guys, maybe the user lastarica not added intentionally wrong link. Calm down, peace to be :)

loso20p 2 days ago
Cutiepie 2 days ago

Star Trek Discovery s01e01 Star Trek Discovery s01e02

madwolf958 2 days ago

i doubt you're sorry, you've had about 3000 views from this site alone, and you're probe getting a few cents per view due to the ads,

lastarica 2 days ago

@RaVeN666 , I really understand.It's my first mistake,I was not careful, with respect , please excuse me

RaVeN666 2 days ago

think an apology will work? people like you got nothing better to do than post fake links n get everyone hyped for a troll? child... apology not accepted. only a rick and morty style planetary purge of people like yourself will suffice.

lastarica 2 days ago
Omarrrr 2 days ago

Stop putting fake links

polferis 2 days ago

lastarica, you started this mess and now others do the same as you do.

lastarica 2 days ago
warlam 2 days ago

lastarica , rafaelSorel ADD fake links !

silentsushix3 3 days ago

My god Killroy, you are just a salty asshole aren't you mother fucker! You are soooo tough calling people snowflakes.... such scary

TeamCohutta1 3 days ago

DuckTales (2017) is back today with episode 2 on Disney-XD. Could links to it be added to this site? Voicing Scrooge is David Tennant (Doctor Who), a native Scot & worthy successor to Alan Young. Except for the Angry Birds-headed nephews, the animation looks good.

kiLLr0y 3 days ago

orly. pathetic hollywood garbage. possibly the most painful three hours of my life. pure shit.

kiLLr0y 3 days ago

you couldnt tackle a kitten social media pangender pedo.

kiLLr0y 3 days ago

its not difficult. its fuckin dumb. snowflake agenda melts under the light. go away.

Splitfoot 3 days ago

Episode 3 just served up a big reminder to Star Trek of the sort of thing it used to do well, tackle difficult social issues straight on. Gender identity, social acceptance, parameters of consent to name a few. Not preachy and often humorous because using words to lighten a subject doesn't mean you take that subject lightly. Seth MacFarlane is dangerously close to stealing the crown from the stumbling Trek franchise here.

Tonia1 4 days ago

The season finale was absolutely great up to the last few minutes ...still looking forward to season 4 though.

Kyndryd 4 days ago

why is she wearing the same red pant-suit in every episode?

Kyndryd 4 days ago

mpore episode like this - please.

Kyndryd 4 days ago

so, last season finale' the toxin got released and it's.. what? gone? The people it affected are no longer affected? Jim is no longer affected? PLEASE dont screew with this show, it's one of the FEW good ones still on.

silentsushix3 5 days ago

These episodes are all wrong. They are all ep1

DasEngel 5 days ago

Mountain Men s06 ep15

Bachix 5 days ago

As weirdly freaky as ever

Rate :
Genres: Adventure Drama Romance Fantasy
Year : 2011
Episode Runtime: 45
First Aired: October 22, 2011
Status : Continuing

Watch Once Upon a Time (2011) Online

Emma Swan, a 28-year-old bail bonds collector, has always been a fiercely independent person since being abandoned as a baby. Her son Henry, who she gave up for adoption years ago, finds and tries to convince Emma that she is Snow White's missing daughter. Henry shows Emma that in the fairytale, Prince Charming and Snow White sent her away to protect her. Emma doesn't believe him and takes Henry back to Storybrooke...

  • Episodes
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  • Cast

Once Upon a Time (2011) Episodes

Episode Name
Air Date
Includes Spoiler!
- 4 months ago
I absolutely love Once Upon a Time and after watching the Finale it was a Bitter Sweet goodbye, but im for sure gonna re watch the series ^^
- a year ago
this is a very beautiful show and I did not think they could keep it up but they have and we have been to oz ,to neverland and and other places. I love the way storybook characters have been given a history and depth to explain where they come from and what happened to them and how they interact - I always look forward to seeing new fairytale and disney characters - classic series and I loved the spinoff in wonderland which has brought characters back into this series where it began
Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White
Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills / Evil Queen
Josh Dallas as David Nolan / James "Prince Charming"
Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold
Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills
Emilie de Ravin as Belle French
Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Killian "Hook" Jones
Sean Maguire as Robin Hood
Rebecca Mader as Zelena "Wicked Witch of the West"
Elliot Knight as Merlin
Greg Germann as Hades
Rose McIver as Tinkerbell
Barbara Hershey as Cora
Lee Arenberg as Grumpy / Leroy
Amy Manson as Merida
Sinqua Walls as Lancelot
Joana Metrass as Guinevere
Liam Garrigan as King Arthur
Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil
Merrin Dungey as Ursula
Kristin Bauer as Maleficent
Elizabeth Mitchell as Ingrid "Snow Queen"
Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff
Michael Socha as Will Scarlet
Robbie Kay as Peter Pan
Sarah Bolger as Princess Aurora
Jamie Chung as Mulan
Georgina Haig as Elsa
Elizabeth Lail as Anna
Beverley Eliott as Granny / Widow Lucas
Meghan Ory as Ruby / Red Riding Hood
Eion Bailey as Pinocchio / August W. Booth
Jamie Dornan as Sheriff Graham Humbert / The Huntsman
Michael Raymond-James as Neal Cassidy
Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket / Archie Hopper
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